What’s the difference between Antique, Vintage and Estate jewelry?

An “antique” is an object having special value because of its age.  This is especially true of a handcrafted piece that is esteemed for its artistry, beauty or period of origin.  Typically an item was made over 100 years from the present year is considered “antique”.


Accordingly, most experts have decided that the term "vintage," when used in a way similar to the term "antique," refers to items that are over 50 years old, but less than 100. This kind of standard works when dealing with truly old, but not antique, items but falls short when using the term to describe something newer, and from a specific era.



“Estate” is a fancy way to say a piece is pre-owned and can be from any period in history.  The term "estate jewelry" refers to the fact that the antique jewelry is often part of the estate of someone who has passed away.  In some cases, the previous owner just may have decided to sell his or her own items.

Here at The Highlands Gem Shop we feature a great selection of antique, vintage and estate jewelry from many of the classic jewelry periods, as well as contemporary designs.  

We're in the Spotlight this month.

It's nice to be recognized! The Highlands Chamber Of Commerce made us the Business Spotlight in the August 2015 newsletter.  We are so lucky to be a longstanding Chamber of Commerce member here in Highlands.  Be sure to visit the highlandschamber.org and "recommend us" on our member listing page. 



This is the last month that we are open for this 2013 season.  We open late April and close at the end of October every year.

Matthew goes back to Ft. Lauderdale to work at our other location - Jon Paul Jewelers on Galt Ocean Drive - from November until the first week in May.  That Sloan Woman (Suzanne), stays in Highlands, does the bookkeeping, and works on new "That Sloan Woman" designs for the next season.

You can still buy from our web-site shopping cart, or call if you need more information about a particular piece shown on line, or that we may have in stock. 

Our phone number is 1-828-526-2767.  Since Suzanne works at home during the winter months, she will check phone messages and return your call A.S.A.P.


That Sloan Woman

It has been a good season for That Sloan Woman.  Since May, 82 of her pieces have sold.  If you see any of her creations that you are interested in, don't hesitate, as they are usually one of a kind.

If you're thinking about Christmas, now is the time to consider a piece that is listed on our site whether it's one of Suzanne's pieces or something from our fine jewelry collection.