The Shop

Now celebrating over 60 years in business, we are a family run jewelry store where our customers have an established trust with us.  Our inventory includes an extensive selection fine jewelry, antique and estate pieces, and handmade designs.

We can also help with designing a new piece or re-designing an existing piece that you may want to update.

Being the oldest gem shop in Macon County, NC, we also have a wide collection of mineral specimens and rocks.  And for the children, our Touching Department will surely satisfy their curiosity.


Visit with our resident jewelry designer,  Suzanne Sloan.  Her fun line, That Sloan Woman is sure to make you happy.  Her use of natural gemstones, ethnic beads and organic material makes her designs a unique and hip addition to the shop.  And all of her designs are one-of-a-kind, so you won't see another one like it!